Friday, May 25, 2012

New logo: Exelon

Exelon is major American energy utility headquartered in Chicago. Yesterday, May 24, it unveiled a new corporate identity to mark a recently completed merger with Constellation Energy. It is described as a "modern, dynamic and progressive emblem that better represents the new company".
"The new logo depicts the company name beside a symbol inspired by a flag to represent that Exelon is leading the charge. The flag has three colors inspired by Exelon’s commitment to progress, customers and sustainability. It features parallel lines to reflect the many businesses, stakeholders and perspectives working toward a common goal: driving progress for the customers and communities that the Exelon family of companies serves."
The Constellation name lives on a subsidiary of Exelon, and adopts the same symbol. The actual regulated utilities will still be independently branded.

Previous Exelon logo.

The previous logo was unveiled in the year 2000 when the current Exelon was created through the merger of PECO Energy and Unicom. The blue wordmark had the letter O replaced with the symbol for "power on" in green.

Prior to that, Exelon was the name of a PECO sudsidiary, which used a logo where the letter O had been replaced by a red sunburst.

Previous Constellation logo.

Constellation Energy was formed toward the end of the 90s and has used the raster mark seen above since then.

If you happen to know who created the new identity, don't hesitate to drop a line below.



  1. the old identity was created by Kass Uehling. The new one is a mystery.

  2. all those "-on"s remind me very much of Enron...

  3. "POWER ON" symbol replacing the letter "O" on the old logo was very sharp! Such a shame to change the logo to such a dull one!

  4. The power button isn't right for branding. it is very generic and is like a computer, not an energy company.

  5. The new brand strategy and identity were created by FutureBrand New York