Monday, May 7, 2012

New logo: Haiti tourism

Back in March, the Ministry of Tourism in Haiti held an open contest to attract suggestions for a new tourism logo. The almost 400 submissions were put up to a public online vote, and the ministry selected a winner from the top 50 submissions.

The winning submission was created by one Xavier Delatour and announced last week. It is called the "Choublak" (translations are welcomed) and shows the word Haiti sprouting out of a hibiscus flower - the unofficial national flower - with a rising sun behind it. It is coupled with the slogan "Experience It!", selected through a similar contest.

All submissions can still be found on the contest page. Some top contenders were also posted on Logo Design Love a month ago.

Previous logo.

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Three submissions created by designer Williamson Dulcé were also considered. One of his logos can be seen below.

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The winning entry

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