Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New logo: Hibu

The Yell Group is a UK directory company, originally formed out of the telephone directory division of British Telecom (including the Yellow Pages). Today its has expanded to the U.S., Spain and some Latin American markets and is transitioning to survive in a digital environment. Yesterday, May 22, it announced that it would change its name to hibu Plc. The new corporate identity was developed by Landor Associates.

The preferred pronounciation differs between languages; in English it is pronounced "High-Boo". Hibu will reportedly also be used as a name for new products, but the legacy print products will retain the local names. The new name will launch on July 26, pending shareholder approval.

Current Yell logo.

"In addition to being consumer oriented and a symbol in its own right, we wanted our identity to tell a story. We have developed a new positioning for the organisation – ‘connecting communities’. Communities are built on the connections people make and people are connected at the heart of the hibu logo. The identity utilises typography with soft shouldered edges like the human body and coloured dots represent the people behind the identity, diversity, connections and conversation. By using bold lower case typography with soft edges we project a human and approachable company." - Yell's brand page

Yell Group (archive)

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  1. Hi bu? - More like high-risk I'd say. Er....hasn't the share price just taken a dive; partly due to this announcement. No surprise, as hibu conveys nothing about the nature of the business.