Thursday, May 3, 2012

New logo: Lifetime

Two days after the E! network unveiled its altered logo, another big American cable network has launched an overhauled visual identity. This time, it is Lifetime, the network that once billed itself as "Television for Women", that unveiled a new red logo yesterday, May 2. It comes with the tagline "Your Time, Your Life", and Lifetime describes the new look as more aspirational and bolder than its predecessor.

A press release issued by Lifetime credits their marketing VP Tim Nolan and the creative agency Leroy + Clarkson for the design work.

Previous logo.

Lifetime last changed its logo in 2008, when it introduced the lively purple one you see above. The new logo was implemented on Lifetime's website and social profiles yesterday.

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From a press release issued by Lifetime:
"“Nothing is more valuable to women than time. A moment in time can be an experience that becomes memorable and Lifetime creates times for viewers to laugh, cry, or be inspired. These aspirational moments and life experiences will continue to be the essence of the Lifetime brand,” said [Lifetime president and general manager Nancy] Dubuc.

The new tagline “Your Life. Your Time.” reflects how women value and experience time and reinforces the network’s triple threat programming strategy to provide original scripted series, movies and reality shows offering a variety of genres to meet the different needs and interests of women. The rebrand is part of an evolution for Lifetime that began over a year ago with the aggressive expansion of up to 350 hours of original programming.


“Your Life. Your Time.” drives messaging through brand spots connecting emotional imagery in a conversational tone that navigates viewers through the network. Thursday is “make it work time” and captures the urgency of Project Runway. Tuesday is “mama drama time” as the Dance Moms watch their daughters take the stage and Sundays is “love time” with Jennifer Love Hewitt of The Client List. On-air messages speak directly to viewers’ experiences, laughter and emotional connection –“me time”, “girl time” and “drama time”…it’s all about “your life” and “your time.”

Even though Lifetime is one of the oldest cable networks around – created in 1984 from the merger of two networks both founded in 1982 – it remained relatively obscure until the mid-1990s when it settled on its "Television for Women" format, which also became its tagline.

A recreation of Lifetime's original logo.

Introduced in the 1980s, used until the mid-90s.

The "Television for Women" logo from the 1990s.

Lifetime's logo between 2006-2008.

Press release (archive)

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  1. I just saw in a minute ago when I went to their website. I think this is going to honestly hurt them in the longer run. Their 2008 logo was really awesome and gave personality— which was what their shows had(assuming comparing to today). This says "hi I'm really plain because i didn't want to put much time into this. oh and here's a little circle with some shapes". It's 'designie' at least, which I'm thankful they're not using something even more plain, but I think they're killing a really awesome logo just to be trendy.