Thursday, May 24, 2012

New logo: Mondelez International

There was some ridicule and revulsion back in March when Kraft Foods announced that its snacks division would be named "Mondelez International" when spun off into a separate company. But yesterday, May 23, shareholders overwhelmingly approved the new name. The company took the opportunity to unveil a new corporate identity.

The logo is a lively purple wordmark, with two red accents and a macron over the second E to aid pronunciation. While there doesn't seem to be any official explanation of the color choice available yet, two of the company's most valuable chocolate brands - Cadbury and Milka - use purple as a signature color.

Mondelez International will include Kraft's snacks and confectionery division, with international brands such as Cadbury, LU, Milka and Nabisco, while the North American grocery divison become Kraft Foods Group, Inc. The name is a combination of the word for 'world' in Latin and 'delicious' in various languages and should "evoke the idea of a delicious world".

Current Kraft Foods logo.

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