Friday, May 4, 2012

New logo: MoneyGram

MoneyGram, an international money transfering service, has adopted a new corporate identity. Although released over a month ago, details weren't unveiled until this week. The symbol with arrows spinning around an imaginary globe has been simplified. Now there's only one arrow, and the circle has become a sphere. MoneyGram also has a new tagline, "bringing you closer", communicating the convenience of its money transfers.

The new visual identity was developed by Landor Associates in London.

Previous logo.

"The new “bringing you closer” tagline gives voice to the company’s fast, convenient and secure money transfer service, which connects families in 194 countries in as little as 10 minutes, even if they are thousands of miles away.

Agualimpia explained that the concept for MoneyGram’s refreshed branding was inspired by its customers’ energy and motivation to turn their efforts into rewarding lives for their families. “The ability to safely and conveniently transfer money to or from nearly every country in the world serves an important economic and cultural purpose for MoneyGram’s customers. The company’s new brand positioning reinforces MoneyGram’s relevance as a global brand that matters.”


The new streamlined red globe logo features a dynamic curving white arrow that indicates energy and movement, a reference to the company’s role in moving money around the world. The single arrow also provides a more powerful symbol of our consumers’ need to send funds efficiently and securely.
" - Press release

The new identity has been public since late March, and is currently being rolled out worldwide.

An older MonerGram logo, taken from a 90s ad.



  1. looks like the logo for a travel company called GTA...the circle has the same arrow and even the colors are similar without the "3d" feel.
    here is a link...if you scroll down..

  2. Yeh, Well the same logo is now being used in scam email from all over the world. I have received several emails over the past few days with the logo, trying to get me to send money to Nigeria. Be very careful when you find these emails in your email account.