Thursday, May 24, 2012

New logo: OUTtv

OUTtv is a Canadian specialty TV channel for the LGBT community. Yesterday, May 23, it unveiled a new visual identity, created by the Vancouver marketing agency B'stro. The new logo is an odd blob with the channel name, where the letter T has an unexplained quirk. The new signature color purple is used in all applications.

Promotions for the new look start in June, and it will be "fully integrated" across platform on July 2. OUTtv launches in HD on the same day.

Current logo.

"OUTtv's new logo boasts a modern and vibrant design with purple as the new primary color of its brand identity. A few variations of the logo were designed to compliment the diverse program categories." - CEO Brad Danks in a press release

"The nature of a television network is so dynamic that we didn't want the branding to feel rigid or static. The new visual identity is a flexible, playful way for audiences to engage with OUTtv’s diverse shows, films and original programming, while keeping a consistent and polished look to celebrate their HD launch. OUTtv is all dressed up, and ready to come out in style." - B'stro CCO Jill Tracy in the same press release

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The channel was launched as PrideVision in 2001, and became OUTtv in 2005.

PrideVision logo.

The original OUTtv logo.

Press release (archive)


  1. I love the new look!

  2. What a step forward. All of the different programming iterations are great!

  3. I thought of the "science channel" logo.