Monday, June 18, 2012

Istanbul's Olympic logo contest

On May 23, the International Olympic Committee announced which bids for the 2020 Olympics would be allowed to move on the the candidate phase in the selection. Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul were granted candidate city status, while the bids from Baku and Doha were rejected.

The logo Istanbul used for its bid for 2020 Olympics was a bit unconventional as it consisted of a wordmark combined with a pattern, and not the usual badge stacked on top of a wordmark. And last week, on June 13, it became clear that it will not be used in the candidate phase, as Istanbul 2020 launched an online vote where the public can select the logo they want.

Whether this was because they organisers never intended the previous logo to be used in the candidate city phase, or that it was breaching IOC's strict rules on Olympic emblems, isn't clear. Olympic bids typically use the same symbol in both the application and candidate phase. In the event that Istanbul gets to organise the 2020 Olympics, they will have gone through three completely different logos.

Voting is currently in progress on the Istanbul 2020 website. There are five available alternatives, and they are filled with symbolism about Istanbul and Turkish culture. Four of them are based on the tulip, which is a symbol of Istanbul. The fifth one is a colourful swirl inspired by Turkish tile art. It may stand a good chance of becoming the winning suggestion if the "tulip vote" ends up split between four candidates.

Application City logo.

The five options:

The SWF-file also included this apparently rejected variation of the swirl motif. You can't vote for it, and it is only presented here as a curiosity:

In other Olympic logo news, Madrid and Tokyo have updated their Olympic bid logos to include the Olympic rings and the phrase "Candidate City".

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