Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New logo: Barnkanalen

Barnkanalen is the children's channel from Swedish state broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT). The name literally means "the children's channel". Launched in 2002, it has grown to a position where its is by far the most watched TV channel among Swedish kids. Yesterday, June 11, it introduced a completely new look as it launched its summer programming.

SVT's four other channels got new look in March this year, created by New York motion design agency Trollbäck + Company. They were also involved in the new look for Barnkanalen. The new look employs a range of colours and patterns. This is partly because the new look needed to be versatile as the channel aims for both toddlers and 11 year olds. Idents featuring hosts from the channel were recorded in May.

Previous logo.

The previous logo was introduced in August 2008 as part of another overhaul of SVT's channels. It confusingly referred to the channel as "SVTB". It appears the new look confirms "Barnkanalen" as the primary name.

The previous idents were introduced in 2010, one example can be seen below:

This will be Barnkanalen's fourth logo since its launch.

Original logo, introduced 2002.

Used 2006-2008.

Barnkanalen blog (archive)

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