Monday, June 11, 2012

New logo: C More

The Canal+ name is used for major Scandinavian premium TV package, offering high-profile sports and first-run movies on several channels in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Its name comes from the French Canal+ group who bought a group of premium movie channels called FilmNet in 1996, implementing its own name the following year. Canal+ eventually chose to divest from many of its international operations, and since 2003 the Scandinavian Canal+ and the French Canal+ Group have been completely separate.

Last week, on June 7, it was announced that the Scandinavian company would finally give up the Canal+ name to become C More (pronounced in English). The relaunch takes place on September 4. The name isn't completely new, the company behind Canal+ Scandinavia has been called C More Entertainment since it was separated from Canal+ France. It has also been used for film channels in the Canal+ package some years ago.

The official reason for the change is that the word "canal" (kanal means "channel" in Scandinavian) signals old-fashioned TV and doesn't reflect the new broadband offering. Another likely reason would be issues with continuing to license the name from its former owner. The logo above came with the announcement.

Update July 12: The Swedish agency Ohlsonsmith created the new logo for C More. They are also behind most logos for Canal+ Scandinavia's parent company, the TV4 Group.

The Canal+ logo.

The Canal+ logo was was designed by Étienne Robial in the mid-90s, and reached the Nordic screens in 1997. The current on-air identity for Canal+ Scandinavia was developed by Dallas Sthlm and launched in 2007.

An example of an ident used by Canal+ in Scandinavia.

C More Entertainment also operated a few C More-branded movie channels several years ago. Between 2005-2006, they used the logo seen below. It was somewhat more in the spirit of the Canal+ logo.

C More logo used 2005-2006.

Canal+ (archive)

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