Monday, June 25, 2012

New logo: European Broadcasting Union

The European Broadcasting Union, EBU, is a federation of broadcasting organisations from Europe and its surroundings. Its members include virtually all government-controlled broadcasters and some private broadcasters with a public service legacy in the region. Best, or perhaps only, known by the public for organising the annual Eurovision Song Contest, it also arranges other events and provides technical services and an extensive news gathering cooperation.

Last week at its 68th General Assembly, the EBU launched a new corporate identity, which seems to replace the symbol it has used until now with a simple logo consisting of nothing but the initials in plain Gotham. It is supported a by a blue and pink colour scheme and some shaded circles.

Although nothing exciting, one should consider that European confederations of quasi-governmental institutions like the EBU can rarely agree on visual identities that aren't either terrible och bland. Also worth noting is that the French abbreviation, UER, has finally been removed from the logo.

The previous logo was introduced around 1993-1994, around the time EBU merged with its Eastern European counterpart OIRT. Prior to that, it used the striped logo below.

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EBU brochure


  1. Hmmmm. I dont really know what to say. Yet another reincarnation of Gotham...

    If this isnt upheld well it could land the image of EBU in trouble.

    Very blase - much like UAL's recent logo change

  2. This new logo of EBU is better then the old one!! I think its looks great and attractive..