Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New logo: Lyons Cakes

Lyons is a British brand for cakes and biscuits that traces its roots to a chain of tea shops, first opened in 1894. Today, it is one of those unfortunate classic brands that are shared between two companies, with the cake brand owned by Premier Foods, while Lyons biscuits are made by Burton's Biscuit Company. The two companies used somewhat similar, but different, designs until recently, when a completely new look for Lyons cakes was unveiled, created by JKR. They were also behind a new design for Mr. Kipling, another cake brand owned by Premier Foods.

JKR delved into Lyons' heritage and created a design that reconnects to it. The waitresses from that worked in the old tea shops have been resurrected and are now present in the logo, which is put on top of single-colour "sleeves" that take up most of the packaging.

Previous Lyons logo.

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"The new design gave us a chance to transform Lyon’s, rediscovering the wonderful heritage that made the brand famous in the early 1900s. We decided to hero the nippy waitresses at the heart of the teashops to deliver personality & heritage, balanced with a vibrant colour palette to create a sense of modernity for the brand." - JKR seniro designer Laurence Hunnex

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