Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dutch public radio (2011)

There were several public service broadcasters that unveiled new logo systems for their radio networks this spring. One such example that I somewhat missed was the Dutch public broadcasting system that introduced new logos for its radio networks last year.

The new logos use slanted squares, a shape that has been embraced by the Dutch public broadcasting system. These squares where originally adopted by the three TV channels back in 2003 and took inspiration from the De Stijl movement of the 1920s, specifically a famous painting by Theo van Doesburg. The current radio incarnations are however don't have much in common with the ideals of De Stijl.

The previous logos were all introduced in March 2007 and combined the networks' existing logos with a common template. The new logos introduce a new template and carry over some elements from the previous logos. The logos were launched with a few months between each other, starting with the popular music network Radio 2 on New Year's Day, followed by the classical music station Radio 4 in March, news and sports station Radio 1 in June and finally in August came new logos for Radio 5 with easy listening for the over 55 and Radio 6 with soul and jazz. Where's Radio 3, you ask. That is the edgy youth radio station 3FM that has its own independent design.

Some other logo systems for public radio networks previously covered here include DR (Denmark), Sveriges Radio (Sweden), Radio Télévision Suisse (French Switzerland) and Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (German Switzerland).

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