Thursday, July 19, 2012

New logo: Big Sky Conference

The Big Sky Conference is a conference within US college athletics that includes colleges from the Western part of the United States. On Monday, July 16, it unveiled a new conference logo, created by SME Branding, the agency behind last year's new Miami Marlins identity.

The new logo lets the words "Big Sky" extend over a mountain range. The word "Conference" is written with Dobra Slab Bold. The blue version below is the generic version used by the conference itself, but the colleges have their own versions that use their team colors.
"The new logo is a dynamic and exciting new expression of the Big Sky Conference brand, which upholds and forwards all the promise that the name suggests in both opportunity and optimism. It features the color of the sky (two blues and white), the sky element itself as well as a visual progression within the logo from the ocean up to the mountains, then down to the plains. The mark presents all of elements within a fresh new retaining shape that demands attention and stands apart." - Press release

Previous logo.

The previous logo is said to have been introduced in the mid-1990s.

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