Thursday, July 19, 2012

New logo: Microsoft Office

There has been plenty of buzz around the tech blogs lately about the design changes at Microsoft. After the redesigned Windows logo was released back in February, several other logos have been leaked and other have been officially released by Microsoft, all designed to fit with the new "Metro" design language. This week saw a major such logo change, as Steve Ballmer unveiled Office 2013 on Monday, June 16.

Previous logo.

The last Office logo was unveiled in 2009 and created for Office 2010. It used a modified version of the mark introduced for Office 2003 that replaced the puzzle piece icon.

The new Office logo was first leaked by cnBeta, the same Chinese website that leaked the Windows 8 logo. And what is the new mark supposed to be? There doesn't seem to be any official description, but previous unconfirmed report have said both open door and abstract O.

Here are two other recently confirmed Microsoft-related logos that have been updated Metro-style. The new logo for Microsoft Visual Studio was announced in late May, while the SkyDrive logo was announced on July 12, after floating around the web for about a month before that.

Microsoft press release (archive)


  1. It was a sight to see SkyDrive have an update; however the icon looks out of place on Windows 7.

  2. I think I just threw up a little bit...

    Looks like the branding is going backwards...well I guess that about right, just like the software, so I guess it fits.

  3. I love how MS is going back-instead of the modern style of rounded corners and gradients, we have blocks and solids. It's like they're trying to make a new style. IMHO, they're failing miserably.