Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New logo: National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association, the largest association of restaurants in the United States. This week, on July 2, it unveiled a new visual identity.

The NRA says the previous logo had served the organization since 1987. The new one features two arches that are claimed to be filled with symbolism (see below) and the name is using Gotham, with an emphasis on the word "Restaurant". The colors are carried over from the previous logo to provide continuity.

Previous logo.

"Our logo is perhaps the quickest and most symbolic way people recognize the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) work on behalf of the industry. Harkening back to a previous logo, leveraging the circular elements of ProStart® and
ServSafe® logos, and propelling us forward with the icon on the right, this logo enhances our relevance in today’s world. Its abstract form enables myriad industry segments to see themselves reflected in it — from a pizza to the top of a wine glass, and everything in between — and evokes our interconnectedness and spirit of hospitality. The use of blue and red allow for continuity from our previous logo, and a fresh, professional font emphasizes our impact on the industry.

The arcs symbolize our representation of the entire foodservice industry and our commitment to being its trusted advisor. Their dynamism evokes the opportunity and success we will create for our members. It juxtaposes our industry’s warmth and professionalism and allows us to implement a brand architecture that cohesively links our products and programs to the NRA and National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) organizations.
" - NRA brand guidelines

Press release (archive)
Brand guidelines (archive)
Logo timeline (archive)

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  1. There is no difference between old and new logo, just the design and font is change. New logo looks more stylish than previous logo because the design of star does not match with the font of words.

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