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TV logo round-up: January-June 2012

In what seems to have become a regular feature, here is the third instalment of the "TV logo round-up". This post gathers about 70 TV logos that were revealed or launched between January and June this year.

If there's something significant you feel is missing, feel free to post a comment below.

British Channel 4's digital spin-off More4 revealed a new logo back in November. When the new look launched on January 23, it became apparent that the small triangles that make up the logo would constantly flicker on screen to change colour. This flicker effect was also turned into a series of creative idents. The new look was developed by ManvsMachine with Channel 4's inhouse team.

The Branding Source November
The Branding Source January
AXN Spin
AXN Spin
AXN Spin is a new TV channel from Sony, aimed at young people. Its logo look a bit like that of Sony Spin, a similar channel launched by the same company in Latin America last year.

ORF2, Austria's most watched TV channel, launched a new look on January 9, following a rebrand of its sister channel ORF Eins a year before. With the new look came an altered logo.
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YLE, Finland's state broadcaster, unveiled a new corporate identity on December 19. It made it debut across all YLE channels on March 5.

The Branding Source December
The Branding Source March

TCM ClassicTCM Autor
TCM Autor
A Spanish spin-off channel from Turner Classic Movies, TCM Clásico, was replaced by TCM Autor on February 1.

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Btv Lady
Btv Lady
A new Bulgarian women's channel called Btv Lady launched on January 28.

Germany's public children's channel, KI.KA, replaced its long-running logo in February.

Design Tagebuch

La Chaîne Info, or LCI, started the year with a new look on January 2, and an update to the logo it had used since its launch in 1994.


Viasat FilmViasat Film
Viasat Film
The Scandinavian premium movie package TV1000 gave up that brand on March 1 to become Viasat Film. The new logo was first revealed on January 2, and the British motion design agency Devilfish developed the new on-air identity.

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TVI24, one of Portugal's news channels, launched a new look on January 9.
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Movies 24Movies 24
Movies 24
Movies 24, a movie channel from NBCUniversal, launched a new look in the UK in January.

The Ident Gallery

TV4 News
TV4 News
Sweden got its own rolling news channel on January 24. The new logo was unveiled on January 12 and designed by Swedish design agency Ohlsonsmith.

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Brazil's Globosat launched a new children's channel called Gloob on June 15. The visual identity, imagined in-house, was first revealed in January.

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Brand New

VOX (Norway)
VOX (Norway)
Norwegian broadcaster TVNorge launched a new upmarket channel called Vox on January 23. Swedish motion agency Dallas was behind the new look.

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RTP ÁfricaRTP África
RTP África
Portugal's RTP continued updating the logos of its thematic TV channel with a new logo for its African channel where the bars that make up RTP's corporate symbol have been reshaped to look like said continent. The new logo launch January 16.

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In January, it was announced that HDNet, one of the U.S. pioneers in high-definition programming, would get new owners in the form of a consortium including Ryan Seacrest. At the same time, it was announced that it would be renamed AXS.tv. A new logo was revealed a the same time, and the rebrand happened on July 2.

The flagship channel from UKTV announced revealed a new logo on January 23, as part of a new edgier on-screen identity created by DixonBaxi. The new look launched in full on March 9.

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Newscorp and Colombia's RCN announced on January 23 that they intended to launch a new US-Hispanic broadcast networkon January 23. The logo above came with the announcement.

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Kanāls 2Kanāls 2
Kanāls 2
Latvian music channel LMK was renamed Kanāls 2 on January 29.

Kanāls 2 (archive)

Deutsche WelleDeutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle
The German international broadcasting organisation Deutsche Welle launched a new corporate identity on February 6.

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French-Canadian cultural channel TFO launched a more modern identity, created by Lowe Roche.

Brand New

Australian arts channel Studio got a new look March 1. The altered logo came to life in the form a time-lapse identity spots created by Ink Project.

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French kids channel Tiji launched a new look on February 10. Created by Gédéon, the new cloud logo takes on different textures on-screen.

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RTL Nitro
RTL Nitro
RTL Nitro is a new German free-to-air TV channel, launched on April 1.

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Rede RecordRede Record
Record NewsRecord News
Rede Record and Record News
Rede Record, Brazil's second most watched TV network, launched a new visual identity on February 26, updating its globe logo. Its news channel, Record News, got a similar logo update.

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The music channel from Channel 4 launched a new look on March 2 that features a simpler logo.

The Drum

RTS DeuxRTS Deux
RTS Un and RTS Deux
The French part of Switzerland's broadcaster replaced its previously separate TV and radio brands with the unified Radio Télévision Suisse – RTS – on February 29. As a consequence, all its media outlets got new logos. Its two TV channels, now called RTS Un and RTS Deux, got curvy ribbon-like logos.

The Branding Source
Press release (archive)
Press dossier (archive)

Jednotka and Dvojka
The Slovak state broadcaster RTVS gave its two TV channels new looks on March 1. They were developed by Slovak creative studio Milk and RTVS' in-house department.

The Branding Source

As part of redesign of channels belonging to Swedish state broadcaster SVT, their documentary channel was given a new logo that resembled a stylized K and could be used as a versatile presentation device. The new look launched on March 5, and was created by Trollbäck + Company.

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TV 2 FilmTV 2 Film
TV 2 Film
The movie channel from Denmark's largest broadcaster adopted a new dotted logo.

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BeTV (Asia)BeTV (Asia)
Sony's Asian channel for mystery and horror series went mainstream and changed its name to beTV on April 2.

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Cuisine+ and Maison+
Two thematic channels from Canal+ were rebranded by adding a + sign to their names, linking them to their parent company. The cooking channel Cuisine.tv and the home-styling channel Télé Maison became known as Cuisine+ and Maison+ on April 5. This follows similar exercise with the company's other channels last year.

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Channel 4 announced the launch of 4seven, a channel that rebroadcasts programmes from its main channel, on March 8. The logo is a development of Channel 4's original logo and was created by Magpie Studio, while motion studio ManvsMachine created the on-air package.

Channel 4 press release (archive)
Art & Business of Motion
Creative Review

One of America's leading cable networks launched a new on-screen identity in April that left its glittery 3D environment for a simple flat look, created by the motion studio ferroconcrete. The word drama was added to highlight what the network is all about.

The Branding Source

Sky Atlantic (Germany)
Sky Atlantic (Germany)
Sky Deutschland imported the idea of a channel built around quality content from HBO from it's UK sister company and launched Sky Atlantic in May.

The Branding Source

ProSieben Fun
Sat.1 EmotionsSat.1 Emotions
ProSieben Fun and Sat.1 Emotions
German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 relaunched part of its pay TV offerings on May 3, launching an entertainment channel for the young called ProSieben FUN and replacing its comedy channel with something called Sat.1 Emotions.

BeIN Sport
BeIN Sport
BeIN Sport is a new French sports channel, launched by Al-Jazeera after they acquired several high profile football matches. Two French agencies, Via Alternativa and Dream On, are credited for coming up with the BeIN Sport brand.

The Branding Source

Investigation DiscoveryInvestigation Discovery
Investigation Discovery
After several years of growth, US crime documentary network Investigation Discovery felt comfortable enough to shed its launch identity on March 26.

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RTP InternacionalRTP Internacional
RTP Internacional
RTP gave its international channel a new symbol resembling the Portuguese flag in March.

The Branding Source

Destination AmericaDestination America
Destination America
On April 4, Discovery Networks announced that they had given up on their "eco-living" network Planet Green and would replace it with a lifestyle network called Destination America on May 28.

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On April 16, Indian youth channel UTV Bindass dropped "UTV" from its name and adopted a "restless" identity created by Taproot India.

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Spanish broadcaster LaSexta replaced on of its digital channels, LaSexta2, with a documentary channel called Xplora on May 1. 

?eská televize?eská televize
Česká televize
Czech state broadcaster Česká televize revealed a new corporate identity on April 19. Created by Studio Najbrt, it is expected to launch in September.

The Branding Source

Westdeutscher RundfunkWestdeutscher Rundfunk
Westdeutscher Rundfunk
An updated logo for the West-German public broadcaster WDR was spotted online, but it has yet to be launch onscreen or on the official website.

Design Tagebuch

TV4 Sport Xtra
TV4 Sport Xtra
Sweden's TV4 Group launched a new premium sport channel on May 4.

German public digital channel EinsExtra was renamed Tagesschau24 on May 1, acknowledging its transformation into a news channel.

Design Tagebuch
E! EntertainmentE! Entertainment
E! Entertainment
The first logo change to come out of this year's upfronts was that of the entertainment network E! which announced on April 30 that it would remodel the logo it had used since its launch back in 1990. The new logo launched on July 9.

The Branding Source
Women's cable network Lifetime unveiled a new logo on May 2, hoping that it would be bolder and more aspirational than its predecessor. The logo and on-air identity was created by Leroy + Clarkson.

The Branding Source
Brand New
TV4 Fakta XLTV4 Fakta XL
TV4 Fakta XL
Sweden's TV4 announced its intention to close down its under-performing science fiction channel TV4 Science Fiction on May 2. It will be replaced by a documentary channel called TV4 Fakta XL in August.

TV4 (archive)
iMusic1, an independent German music channel, became "iM1" this spring.

Press release (archive)
The Branding Source
Movies OK
Movies OK
India's Life OK, a new TV brand launched last year by the Star Network, was expanded into a dedicated movie channel called Movies OK.

TV LandTV Land
TV Land
On May 9, TV Land finally decided to give up the retro TV screen shape it had used in its logos since it was a network for 50s and 60s TV. The network hopes the redesigned logo will fit better with its current target audience. Trollbäck+Company worked on the new look with TV Land's in-house team.

The Branding Source
Brand New
Bravo CanadaBravo Canada
Bravo Canada
Bravo Canada unveiled a new tightly kerned logo in May.

The Branding Source
The second largest US-Hispanic broadcaster network, NBCUniversal-owned Telemundo, revealed a new logo at the upfront on May 14. It is expected to launch this autumn.

Press release (archive)
Brand New
Cartoon Network TooCartoon Network Too
Cartoon Network Too
This UK spin-off from Cartoon Network launched a new look to fit with its sister channel in May. The new visual identity has the word "Too" enclosed by a number of varying creative shapes, designed by UK agency The Grid with Rob Clarke.

The Branding Source
Canadian LGBT network announced a new look on May 23. Created by an agency called B'stro, the new look made its debut on July 2.

The Branding Source

TLC has started implementing an updated version of its logo. The boxes or letters haven't changed, but the lighting and texture is new.

ABP NewsABP News
ABP News
After an ownership change, Star News, the leading Hindi news channel had to change its name. The new name would be ABP News. New logos were unveiled on May 7, and the namechange took place on June 1.

The Branding Source
C MoreC More
C More
Scandinavian premium TV broadcaster Canal+ announced on June 7 that it would change its name to "C More" on September 4. The new colourful logo was designed by Ohlsonsmith, and a new on-air identity is being developed by motion agency Dallas Sthlm.

The Branding Source
Radio Televizija Crne GoreRadio Televizija Crne Gore
Radio Televizija Crne Gore
Montenegro's national broadcaster RTCG has started using new corporate logo.

Trollbäck + Company finished their work on redesigning the channels of Swedish broadcaster SVT with a new look for the children's channel Barnkanalen, which launched on June 11.

The Branding Source

Comedy Central Family (Poland)Comedy Central Family (Poland)
Comedy Central Family (Poland)
An altered logo for this Polish Comedy Central spin-off was unveiled in June.
Revealed: June 2012
Wirtualne Media

Belgian commercial broadcaster SBS Belgium is changing the name of its primary TV channel VT4 to Vier in September. The stylish retro logo was unveiled on June 14, and is part of a visual identity that is currently being developed by London agency Why Not Associates.

The Branding Source

Star JalshaStar Jalsha
Star Jalsha
Continuing the refresh of channels belonging to India's Star Network, the Bengali entertainment channel Star Jalsha was given a new look on June 17.

Best Media Info
Dish Tracking

Comedy GoldComedy Gold
Comedy Gold
This Canadian classic comedy network unveiled a new look in June to align itself with its sister network, which rebranded last autumn.

Film ManiaFilm Mania
Film CafeFilm Cafe
Film Mania and Film Café
In June it was announced that two Hungarian thematic channels, Filmmúzeum and Zone Romantica, would be repositioned and renamed to become Film Mania and Film Café. The channels relaunched on July 2.

The Branding Source

TV Puls 2
TV Puls 2
Polish terrestrial station has unveiled the logo for its new digital channel, TVPuls 2. It launches July 19.


Tele 5 (Poland)Tele 5 (Poland)
Tele 5 (Poland)
The small Polish entertainment channel Tele 5 unveiled a new logo in June that hit screens in July.


Discovery HD ShowcaseDiscovery HD Showcase
Discovery HD Showcase
Discovery HD Showcase, an HD channel from Discovery Networks in many European countries, got a new look in June with an 3D treatment given to the logo.

The Branding Source

Style NetworkStyle Network
Style Network
Finally, the American Style Network unveiled a completely new logo on June 20, which it launched on the 25.

The Branding Source


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