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New logo: Fiji Airways

Air Pacific, the national airline of Fiji, announced a few months ago that it would change its name to Fiji Airways, reinstating the name it had used until the early 1970s. Last week, on August 17, a new visual identity was unveiled that is scheduled to launch in early 2013.

The new logo contains a symbol, called the "teteva", created by a local artist named Makereta Matemosi in traditional indingenous Masi style. Together with the dark brown colour, the new identity is much more rooted in the Fiji islands and its culture.

It stands in stark contrast with the previous identity and its 1970s stripes in yellow, orange, red and blue. The logo was last changed in 1999.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
"At the heart of the new ‘Fiji Airways’ brandmark is a striking new Masi symbol that epitomises Fiji and enhances the new name of Fiji’s national carrier – Fiji’s flying ambassador to the world. Designed by a renowned local Fijian Masi artist, the new symbol in the brandmark brings Fiji’s culture and heritage to life by linking the name ‘Fiji Airways’ with this highly respected and traditional art form that has been a part of Fijian culture for several centuries.

To create this distinctive Fijian symbol, the airline carefully selected celebrated local Fijian Masi artist, Makereta Matemosi, who has been practicing this uniquely Fijian art for 32 years - to create a unique Masi design for ‘Fiji Airways’.

At the centre of the new Masi symbol is a distinctive Teteva motif, which symbolises the airline, its values, and the spirit of Fiji. As an integral part of the new ‘Fiji Airways’ brand, this Teteva was designed to represent spirituality, consideration of others, Fijian hospitality, and the connection that ‘Fiji Airways’ will offer between Fiji’s 333 islands and the rest of the world.

“It was over a year ago that we started work on this ambitious project to re-brand our airline and design a new brandmark for the new ‘Fiji Airways’. While the new name had a lot of history associated with it, we decided that we wanted a new and distinctly Fijian symbol and brandmark that would help us best represent the country while also ensuring our planes stand out at some of the world’s busiest international airports. In short, we wanted a flying billboard for Fiji and its stunning 333 islands in the South Pacific”, said David Pflieger, Air Pacific’s CEO and Managing Director.

“Fiji is universally well known for its stunning natural beauty and amazing people, but what is not so well known is its centuries-old culture that offers visitors an opportunity to not only unplug from their hectic day-to-day lives but lose themselves in the tranquillity of Fiji’s South Pacific authenticity. As Fiji’s national airline, we think the distinctive Masi symbol, the brandmark and their colour tones are a perfect fit with Fiji’s heritage, and the beauty and warmth of the Fijian people and the islands themselves,” Mr. Pflieger added.

According to the artist, the new Masi design captures all that is unique about the airline and the Fijian experience. “What I’ve created is something entirely different, and has never been seen in any of the Masi designs in Fiji,” Matemosi explained. “I hope this Masi symbol means a lot to our nation, our people, and our visitors, because we are proud of our country and proud of the new ‘Fiji Airways’” she added.

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Makereta Matemosi and her symbol.

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