Thursday, September 6, 2012

New logo: CCI France

The ACFCI (short for Assemblée des chambres françaises de commerce et d'industrie) is the national organisation for French chambers of commerce and industry (Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie), known as CCIs. Last week, it launched a new corporate identity, intended to unify the national organisation and its member.

Until now, the local CCIs have all used different logos. It is hoped that they will now adopt standardized logos that use the same symbol and typeface. At the same time, the ACFCI gives up its cumbersome acronym to become CCI France.

The new symbol represents "strong cohesion and common desire". It combines the three initials into a circular symbol.

Previous ACFCI logo.

The previous hexagonal symbol was allegedly introduced in July 1991.

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A montage of local CCI logos.

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The cover of CCI France's annual report shows the grid that makes up the new logo.

The symbol.

Press release (archive)
Press release pdf (archive)
Annual report

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