Monday, September 10, 2012

New logo: Optimum

The American cable company Cablevision uses the brand name Optimum for many of its services. Last week, on September 6, Optimum unveiled a simple new logo.

The new corporate identity system is designed by New York agency Collins and is launched with an ad campaign created by Mother NY.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
"Cablevision, at its core, is a customer-focused company that provides essential services connecting each of our more than three million customers with their world," said Kristin Dolan, Cablevision's senior executive vice president of product management and marketing. "Our new logo and branding campaign reflects our commitment to honesty, transparency, the quality of the services we provide and – importantly – how we interact with our customers. We could not be more pleased or proud to be taking our marketing in this new direction, underscoring our leadership position in the markets we serve as the provider of the best TV, phone and Internet available anywhere, at any price."

The logo, which will be used across all Optimum consumer-facing properties, is part of a new, overall redesign of the brand. It reflects a cleaner and much more simplified approach to design, unencumbered by extraneous visual elements. It was produced by COLLINS:, a New York-based firm run by Brian Collins, in cooperation with Cablevision's internal marketing and product groups. Collins' previous work includes design programs with Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Levi Strauss & Co., and Johnson & Johnson.

"Simplicity gets rid of the complicated and replaces it with clarity. We've worked with Optimum to deliver just that in their new design program. Frankly, as a designer, it's been remarkable to work with a team of people who are so hell-bent on making every customer's experience better and more meaningful," Collins said. "This industry loves making things bigger and more complicated and more difficult to figure out. It takes a remarkable commitment – and focus – to move in the exact opposite direction and make things super easier and more meaningful for people. Optimum asked us to do just that when we began the redesign of their brand and, working in partnership with their amazing team I think we've done it."


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