Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New logo: AIG

The insurance group AIG, or American International Group, was one of the companies that gained worldwide attention during the 2008 financial crisis when the Federal Reserve had to step in to ensure its liquidity. After that, the AIG name had been extensively dragged through the mud and some of the restructured AIG properties were rebranded as Chartis. Recently, however, management apparently decided that the AIG name was rehabilitated and have made moves back to that name. Yesterday, October 2, a new AIG logo was unveiled.

The new logo features a lighter shade of blue and a sans serif typeface that is more up to today's standards. It will apparently be rolled out later in the fall as it replaces brands such as Chartis and SunAmerica.
"Our new logo reflects a rebuilt and forward looking AIG – contemporary, dynamic, transparent, and revitalized. Every day, we are working to build on that accomplishment by continuing to innovate, while providing our clients with outstanding products and services." - AIG CEO Robert H. Benmosche in a press release

Previous logo.

AIG's previous logo was introduced at some point during the second half of the 80s. It replaced the curious creation seen below that was in use for the better part of the 70s and 80s.

An older AIG logo.

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