Thursday, October 25, 2012

New logo: Gjensidige

Gjensidige is a major Norwegian insurance company, tracing its roots back two centuries to rural fire insurers, the first of which was founded in 1816. In addition to its home market, it now also has activities in Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic states. Yesterday, October 24, Gjensidige previewed a new corporate identity, created by Dinamo Design in Oslo.

Gjensidige has long used an image of a watchman as company symbol, first introduced in 1932 as an advertisement figure. He was last redesigned in 2005, when the company changed its name from Gjensidige NOR, having merged its banking subsidiary into DnB NOR a few years earlier.

In the new version he has been made into a silhouette, enclosed by a circle with two colours divided by his walking stick.

A new communicative style has been developed, focused on the needs of costumers rather than products. It is warm and friendly, with a set of colourful figures and icons and a "handwritten" typeface.

The new look is slated to launch in December.

Previous logo.

A nice brand video:

Colour variatons.

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Gjensidige (archive)
Gjensidige - The Watchman

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