Monday, October 8, 2012

New logo: TV1000 Russia

TV1000 is a movie channel brand owned by Swedish media company MTG, originally launched in the Nordic countries in 1989, and later expanded to much of Eastern Europe, including Russia. The brand was abandoned in the Nordic countries earlier this year, but is still going strong in Eastern Europe. Earlier this month, three new TV1000-branded channels were launched in Russia and the other CIS states, and with that came a new logo.

The previous TV1000 logo contained a sphere with a star. That is maintained in the new logos, but the star has been made more obvious (and frankly not as elegant). The typeface is Gotham with a 3D extrusion.

Older TV1000 logo.

The thee new channels - TV1000 Premium HD, TV1000 MegaHit HD and TV1000 Comedy HD - were announced on September 18, and the logos were released at the same time. The three existing TV1000 channels in the region - TV1000, TV1000 Russian Kino and TV1000 Action - are yet to be given matching logos and are still using their old ones.

Modern Times Group

Update November 18: The new look was developed by British motion design agency Devilfish. The on-air look was designed and directed by Blac Ionica with music by Radium Audio. Below are a number idents and other graphics that do much more convey the work behind the new look.

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Blac Ionica

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