Friday, November 2, 2012

New logo: Actavis

Watson Pharmaceuticals, an American maker of generic pharmaceuticals, recently bought its European competitor Actavis. The deal that was finished at the end of October, creating the world's third largest generic pharmaceutical company. The new company takes the name of the latter, and a new corporate identity was unveiled on October 31.

The new corporate identity was developed by Lippincott. The new logo combines a W from the old name with an A from the new company. A press release says is "speaks to the Company's fast-evolving business, as well as its dynamic culture".

One stated reason for shedding the Watson name was that the company can't register it globally, as it is a common surname.

Previous Watson logo.

Previous Actavis logo.

Watson press release (archive)


  1. Developed at Lippincott... by the cleaning lady.

  2. Looks like a ribbon. Doesn't make me think of "Active" OR "Vision". Makes me think of birthday presents!

  3. Who cares?! Just get the Watson generic Percocet back in the pharmacies, people are in pain and not all generics are equal! Why weren't medical and pharmaceutical workers notified of this? It is inexcusable to care about a flying W instead of the patients waiting for an answer to their pain!

  4. Can you still get Watson 932 10/325 ????