Friday, November 30, 2012

New logo: Eurovision

Back in June, the European Broadcasting Union, a federation of broadcasting organisations in Europe and its surroundings, announced a new corporate identity. At the time, we only had a fairly nondescript logo and some applications. Since then it has been announced that the corporate identity was created by Studio Dumbar in the Netherlands and some new elements have been revealed, including a symbol and a new logo for EBU's television cooperation Eurovision, as well as its radio counterpart Euroradio.

Yesterday, November 29, Eurovision revealed the new intro that will precede broadcasts over the Eurovision network. It will first be seen on-air before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow.

The new intro features pulsating circles that eventually form the symbol included in the Eurovision logo. According to a press release, the symbol "reflects Eurovision's modern outward look and its ability to unite audiences in a unique, international broadcast experience". The opening fanfare, taken from Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Te Deum, has been used since the 1950s and is still there.

Previous Eurovision logo.

The previous Eurovision logo was introduced around 1993-1994 and was adapted from the EBU logo. Before that, Eurovision broadcasts were opened with the card seen below. The originating broadcaster's logo would typically be inserted where the EBU-UER logo is in the example.

A vintage Eurovision logo.

A longer clip with some more information on the new logo:

This image was published by Studio Dumbar in September.


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