Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New logo: Nova

Nova is Spanish TV channel that features programmes primarily targeting women. Launched in 2005 with the first batch of new digital channels, it has had strong growth and is now often one of the country's ten most watched national TV channels. Yesterday, November 5, it launched a new look with a fresh pink logo to replace the one they had used since launch.

In break bumpers the new logo appears in 3D form in a sterile environment where the A in the logo opens up to allow different form of computer animation magic to pour out of it.

These videos were posted (leaked?) on the web back in April. It appears they are now used by Nova on-screen.

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip!

El Economista

Update November 11: The new look was created by Spanish broadcast design studio Zeligstudio, who were behind both the logo and the graphics. Jingle music was composed by Josep Sanou. The videos above, and one more, can be found in higher quality on their website.

Zeligstudio (archive)

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