Friday, November 2, 2012

New logo: Royal Brunei

Royal Brunei Airlines is the flag carrier of the sultanate of Brunei, a small nation at the edge of Borneo. This week, on October 30, it unveiled a new logo and livery at the Brunei International Airport.

The previous logo dated back to the mid-80s and had been virtually unchanged for two decades and a half. It was an abstraction Brunei's flag as a tailfin, and the use of national symbols continues with its successor. The new livery is however more restrained and elegant, "classic styled" as the airline itself puts it. The outdated Bookman Light Italic is replaced by a lighter sans serif. The tailfins are now all yellow and feature a new RB monogram.

The new look will be rolled out over the coming year.

Previous logo.

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Assorted print applications, posed on Royal Brunei's Facebook page.

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  1. The spanish channel NOVA, whose owner is the new group Antena 3 (the old group Antena 3 had bought laSexta and its channels), had changed today its branding.