Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New look: Müller Corner

Müller Corner is a range of yoghurts sold by the German dairy company Müller on the British market. This month, the brand has received an overhauled package design, created by Coley Porter Bell. The redesign aims to "improve consumer appetite appeal and navigation at point of sale".

The brand's previous packaging turned out to be short-lived. It was introduced a little bit more than a year ago and created by JKR. It was covered here at the time. Back then, the plan was to create a unified "branded segment" in the store with packaging dominated by a cool blue shade.

CPB's redesign goes in the other direction, preferring to differentiate the flavours and variants with decorations and other imagery. At the same time, different blue shades are still part of the packaging.

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From a blog post by CPB:
The new designs mark an intent from Müller to keep its outstanding blue colour whilst increasing subrange differentiation and product taste appeal. A more differentiated brand architecture has been introduced using high quality photography of ingredients dialling up deliciousness as the major signal of different flavours and varieties. Product titles have been made more visible both on single pots, multipacks and trays.

“As anyone doing the weekly family shop will tell you, you don’t want to linger too long in the chilled food aisles. They are just too cold. That’s why it was important to make the packaging more evocative which will in turn make choosing flavours and varieties easier for consumers. We have transformed the packaging from a signpost to an invitation,” said Vicky Bullen, CEO of Coley Porter Bell.

’We are always looking for ways to improve our offer and to delight our consumers. We believe that these new designs will reinvigorate our instore presence and make it easier for consumers to buy our products,” said Michael Inpong, Marketing Director of Müller UK-Ireland.

Some old and new pot tops (not all are before/after pictures):

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Coley Porter Bell (archive)

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