Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New logo: Comcast

Back in January 2011 when NBCUniversal became majority-owned by Comcast and introduced its new simple purple logo, there was plenty of uproar about the removal of the NBC peacock. In an unexpected move, Comcast itself has suddenly started using a new logo that prominently features the NBC peacock over a wordmark set in thin capital letters.

Becoming the symbol of a communications company marks a change in use for the peacock, that until now has mainly been associated with television and associated media. The new logo was unveiled on Monday, December 10. At the moment we only have the primary corporate brandmark, but there are several other Comcast-branded assets, such as the Comcast Sportsnets, that will presumably have to be updated as well.

Previous logo.

Comcast's now replaced crescent logo was first introduced in late 1999, replacing an outdated technologically focused logo that featured a television screen. It received a typographical update several years later, although that probably went unnoticed by the general public.

Comcast logo as it appeared in 1999.

Comcast logo used prior to 1999.

Thanks to Dak Dillon for the tip!

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