Thursday, December 6, 2012

New logo: Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia is the official organisation responsible for promoting Australia to tourists. Today, December 6, it has unveiled a new logo which is an evolution of the kangaroo logo used up until now. Interbrand Sydney was the agency behind this redesign.

The new logo is said to feature a "more modern design and vibrant colourful palette reflecting the rich and varied landscape of Australia". It is also said to be more sophisticated and better aligned with Tourism Australia's positioning.

Previous logo.

The previous logo is said to have been introduced eight years ago.

Tourism Australia (archive)

Update December 7: Interbrand Sydney has published the following statement about their work on their blog (archive):
"Branding a country is never simple, especially when that country is as rich, diverse and expansive as a country like ours, Australia.

But that was the challenge that we were set by Tourism Australia, who gave us the critically important yet complex task of expressing what makes Australia so special through something as simple as a logo.We knew that there were elements that were working in the old logo, the representation of a kangaroo, the sense of movement, energy and vitality, but its slightly childlike feel together with technical difficulties in reproduction often diluted its impact. What’s more, research had highlighted the fact that people saw Australia as a wonderfully colourful experience – blues and greens, as well as reds and oranges – but only some of these experiences were represented in the logo.

Extensive design exploration to reconsider and redraw the shape, poise and movement of the kangaroo – and its correlation with the sun – preceded further work on the use of colour and typography to complete the picture. And, of course, it had to be a design that would create a positive expression of Australia’s brand in dozens of counties, cultures and languages all around the world.

All in all, the new logo is designed to create a much more contemporary expression of Australia’s brand. One with a little more sophistication and colour to match the breadth of experiences on offer on a trip down under, while still retaining the energy and symbolism of the kangaroo.

Branding Australia is a big job, but we hope we’ve made our mark.


  1. previous is better, i can fill soul of australia the aborigins. the newone is seen before...

  2. Can Interbrand do a job without being spoon-fed by DDB?

    1. Actually Anonmous, we only share a couple of clients with DDB. Chiefly Telstra and Tourism Australia, and occasionally McDonalds. But for the rest we are independent, so I'm not sure why you think that. You'll find all our projects on our standapart site.
      Chris Maclean, Creative Director, Interbrand Australia.

  3. Dear Interbrand Sydney,
    what I see is a flying not jumping terrible fat bottomed or pregnant kangaroo in toucan colours and boring typography. Maybe trendy but unoriginal (copied from ogilvy ;-) ) multicouloured idea.

    Look at

    The previous logo with sunny reflections and graceful sleeker silhouette and original typeface was much better. Why to make excuses to technical problems with the use of the old logo at the our time of hi-tech printing processes, all available digital printing and prevailing electronic presentations…? No usable for pad printing on lighters or ballpoints :-)

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I understand that colour presents problems for people. It's true that colourful logos are en-vogue nowadays, and there's good reason for it it most cases. There are many more colourful logos than those you have cited, but plagiarism isn't our game.

      The reason for our choice was to represent a more diverse Australia; one that is not simply about the outback. This is a perception that TA are trying to change, and your feedback only confirms the popular misconception that Australia is all about the outback.

      TA are moving in a direction which dispels this myth, by presenting Australia as a vibrant, multi-diverse country with vibrant, modern cities, beautiful coastlines, amazing flora and fauna and of course, the red centre. It's much more than kangaroos and sunsets. It will all make sense when the new campaign work roles out, which the marque is designed to compliment.

      Read our case study on StandApart for more information, and thanks for your feedback.

      Chris Maclean
      Creative Director
      Interbrand Australia

  4. I like the first logo which is extremely impressive for tourism Australia promotion.There are many Brand Design Agency in Sydney who offers logo designing,print promotion and ad promotion service.

  5. I agree with the opinion that the new one, although very beautifully crafted, seems rather bland especially when compared with the older logo. I noticed this on the Typeface first. The logo lost the strong human (and historical) qualities expressed well with the glow, roughness and text treatment of the previous design. It's not very bad, though. I think they would serve different contexts just fine.

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