Thursday, January 24, 2013

New logo: Billboard

The Billboard brand is known around the world for its many music-related charts that are seen as the ultimate measure of success in the music business. The number of people who read the actual magazine behind the brand is probably a fraction of that, but this week it is launching a new look, created by Michael Bierut of Pentagram in New York, working with Billboard's own designers.

Since the issue of July 16, 1966, Billboard's masthead has featured a Bauhaus-inspired wordmark where four of the counters have been filled with different colors. It was given a small update in 1984 and has since remained unchanged.

It is now replaced by a thicker all lower-case wordmark that exploits the geometric nature of the name. On magazine covers, it is now presented in one color without filled counters, while the colored dots will remain in marketing and for digital platforms.

The entire magazine has been redesigned to be more relevant in today's music industry. This includes the charts, which are now easier to read.

Previous logo.

The Billboard logo as it appeared in 1966.

The first issue with the new look has Prince on its cover and is released on Friday.

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