Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New logo: Coface

Coface, an abbreviation of Compagnie Française d'Assurance pour le Commerce Extérieur, is a leading capital insurance company, head-quartered in France. Yesterday, January 21, it unveiled a new corporate identity and a new tagline, "for safer trade". The visual identity was developed by W&Cie.

A new symbol has been created from the first two letters in the company name, a C and a truncated O. It expresses both the relationship between Coface and its clients as well as an infinity symbol.

Previous logo.

"The graphic play between the letters ‘C’ and ‘O’ in the logo, which meet like two arms, expresses the relationship of trust that Coface maintains with its clients.
The different colour of the two letters suggests complementariness: the clients of Coface have clients themselves. Lastly, the linkage of the C and the O brings to mind the infinity sign, which anchors the brand in its line of business by alluding to the universe of data and endless possibilities.

In the same way, the iconographic universe, representing the business people that Coface supports, puts the customer at the core of Coface's concerns.

The logotype and graphics are organised around a blue and a bright green. The blue is part of the heritage of Coface, ensuring continuity with the previous logotype. As for the new green, it affirms the uniqueness and modernisation of the Group.
" - Press release

Coface (archive)

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