Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New logo: LogoTV

Launched in 2005, the confusingly named Logo is an American cable network tailored to an LGBT audience with programs about everything from adoption to drag queens. It is owned by Viacom and is probably the first such network to be launched by a mainstream broadcaster. This month Logo itself has quietly rolled out a new logo.

The previous logo had been used in various forms since the network's launch. Originally it came in many colors, but lately it has usually been black of white.

Israeli-American production studio Co-Op has posted these design and animation explorations on their website, and they are probably seen in some form on Logo at the moment. I don't know if they were involved in designing the actual logo.

The new logo was implemented on social media profiles on January 12 and was probably launched on TV around that time. There appears to have been no press releases or fanfare around it.

Thanks to Christian Williams for the tip!


  1. Given how closely pink + purple are associated with the LGBT community, I'm surprised the pink + purple color treatment isn't used for the primary logo instead of the 'BEYOND' tag line: 'LOGO' in a blend of pink (top) to purple (bottom), and 'TV' in the same colors but blending in the opposite direction, purple (top) to pink (bottom). Alternately, with six letters in 'LOGOTV', a horizontal progression of rainbow colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet — with perhaps a bit of a word space between 'LOGO' and 'TV' if necessary.

    1. While I can see what you're saying (and you are definitely correct in pointing out how pink, purple, and a rainbow color scheme are tied to the lgbt community), I actually like that LOGO has moved away from the pink and purple color scheme. In the same way that Lifetime has switched their signature color to red (rather than pink, which is generally *the* female color), I think LOGO not using those colors allows them to incorporate or disregard those lgbt stereotypes in their branding as they choose.

      Also, as a gay man, a designer, and a huge fan of LOGO: the rainbow color scheme is tired and ugly. I do not want to watch a network that is a year-round parade.

      I like the rebranding... however, the letter spacing is off, and I'm extremely bothered by it.