Friday, January 4, 2013

New logo: Smíchov

Smíchov is a new Czech television channel dedicated to comedy, with sitcoms, movies and some animation. It was launched by TV Nova, one of the largest TV companies in the country, on December 23 by Nova.

As I've understood its, the name is some sort of pun on the word laughter. Channel graphics are using a full range of bright colours, which is also reflected the logo which is using a stenciled typeface. A colourful pattern with shapes similar to the letterforms in the logo can be seen as a drape or flag in idents.

An ident.

Spotted on The visual identity was revealed on December 12, when the launch date was announced. If you happen to know who created the new look you are welcome to contact me.

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Launch promos above, examples of on-air graphics below.

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