Thursday, January 31, 2013

New logo: TV 2 Norway

TV 2 is Norway's leading commercial television channel, launched in 1992 after obtaining a government license. This month it has revealed a revised version of its logo.

When TV 2 was launched it had two versions of its logo, one where the numeral had a solid 3D appearance and a simplified flat print version. Both were designed by Scandinavian Design Group. Several years later, the 3D version would be dropped in favour of the print version.

The new one is a essentially a refined version of its predecessor. The integrity of the numeral hasn't changed, although thinner lines that mark its outline have been removed. The colours also remain, but have been changed to new nuances. Scandinavian Design Group were reportedly also behind this version, although Red Bee Media in London had some sort of input.

Previous logo.

Original logo.

TV 2 also operates a bouquet of entertainment, news and sports channels and they will most likely also get new logos over time. So far, the broadcaster has only revealed the new logo for its sports channels.

Norsk design

Update February 5: Red Bee Media created ten idents that were launched on February 1. Based on TV 2 brand positioning of "unforgettable moments", they portray happy moments in the lives of ordinary Norwegians. The logo appears as a sort of bright lens flare, and a similar effect is used for other graphical elements.

"We created 10 five second idents that show TV 2 as a source of unforgettable moments. It could be the moment when you rode your bike for the first time as a child, or your first kiss, an amazing summer’s day spent with family, or the rush of adrenalin from doing a base jump.

Each story is told in a single tracking shot – suggesting a roving eye seeking out unforgettable moments.

A flare of light sweeps through each scene to capture the moment – like a pinhole camera imprinting it on the canvas of memories. The intensity of the colour and light increases over the duration of the five seconds and acts as a catalyst for the logo animation that creates the TV 2 from the spectrum of shapes.

A unique new TV 2 audio ‘theme’ was also created for the idents by a team of musicians and composers from TV 2, Stargate and BoomJinx and produced in a variety of styles to work with individual ident stories.
" - Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media (archive)


  1. It reminds me of SIC, a portuguese channel that never changed the basic shape of the channel's logo.

    1. The only thing they changed about the logo was the colours and colour effects it had.

  2. The original is soooo much more understandable and pretty!