Monday, January 7, 2013

New logo: VH1

Most readers are probably familiar with the American cable network VH1. Originally a music video network for somewhat older viewers, it has over time shifted its focus to reality programming. Over the weekend, it adopted a new look with a new logo that had been previewed in the past few days.

VH1's new logo has a plus sign embedded in the H. This expresses VH1's new brand statement, "The Ultimate Mash Up". For example, a video says VH1 is a mash up of music + pop culture + nostalgia. VH1's new signature color appears to be purple, but other complementary colors are also used.

Previous logo.

A video from VH1 explaining the concept behind the new look.

A promo for the upcoming season.

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This is the sixth logo change in VH-1's history, and a good opportunity to look into the brand's history.

VH-1: Video Hits One was launched in a hurry in January 1985 by MTV who wanted to fend of competition from Turner Broadcasting's new Cable Music Channel. The network wasn't allowed to compete with MTV and would be run on a shoestring budget, which meant its schedules were filled with all the music videos that weren't of interest to MTV.

The Fred/Alan agency worked with VH-1 in its early years, and there's an article about their work on the Fred/Alan Archive.

VH-1 soon settled in as a music network for a slightly older audience, marketed as "The other Music Television". The logo above was adopted circa 1987 and was used for much of the early 90s.

In 1994, the network adopted a simple 1 numeral with the slogan "Music First" underneath. The example above is a slightly more recent version of this logo, the version of the right shows how it looked initially.

The network launched another new look in 1998, created by Los Angeles agency AdamsMarioka. Some images of this design can still be found on the agency's website.

An finally, the new defunct logo was introduced in 2003. This is how it looked when it first appeared on screens, but it was of course highly versatile and came in myriads of colour combinations.

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