Monday, January 14, 2013

New look: ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV

In addition its primary channel, ITV also has four additional "digital" channels, launched several years ago. They are called ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV and cater to different audiences. These channels also launched new look this morning.

Unlike ITV, which has a logo that constantly changes colour, the digital channels each have a defined signature colour. All idents and information specific to each channel can be found below.

ITV2, an entertainment channel with a somewhat younger and more female skew has a "hot red" colour. On screen, the logo has a 3D effect and slight extrusion. Its idents feature young people having fun, reflecting a "heightened reality world of fun and entertainment".

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ITV3 is the drama channel with a somewhat older audience. Idents feature typical scenes from drama genres made of "intricate hand cut and crafted paper" inside bell jars. Its signature colour is called "midnight blue".

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ITV4 targets a male audience, with sports as its main attraction. The rest of the schedule is filled with cult films and series. The idents show ordinary men recreating typical events from the channel's programming. ITV4's colour is "slate grey", although on idents it typically has some topically relevant treatment.

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CITV is the home of "wickedly playful kids stuff", which means it is the company's dedicated children's channel. It uses two kinds of idents, some of them feature "C-creatures" where's the C from the channel logo becomes part of an animal or other creature. Other idents are based of drawings by kids, also based on the yellow C.

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