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TV logo round-up: July-December 2012

A bit late, but here's the fourth instalment of our "TV logo round-up" that tracks logo changes in television in the second half of 2012. As usual, if you think there's anything significant missing, feel free to post a comment below.

TV One (United States)TV One (United States)
TV One (United States)
African-American cable network launched a new look with an improved logo in August.

The Branding Source
The Hollywood Reporter

Canal8 Sport
Canal8 Sport
Denmark got a new sports channel on August 13 with a fairly nondescript logo.

Canal9 (archive)

Yesterday, a UK channel dedicated to history programming and entertainment, launched a new look on July 24. Created by DixonBaxi, it introduces a green "Y" icon in different materials that can have different things made to it.

The Branding Source

Fanda is a new national TV channel in the Czech Republic for a male audience that was launched by leading commercial broadcaster TV Nova.

Canal QCanal Q
Canal Q
Canal Q is Portuguese interactive channel.


Lifetime Real WomenLifetime Real Women
Lifetime Real Women
This spin-off from the Lifetime network that features reality programs for women had to introduce a new logo after its parent introduced a new one.

The Branding Source

SF (Australia)SF (Australia)
SF (Australia)
The Sci Fi Channel in Australia was renamed SF, not Syfy, with an eclectic spherical logo as part of a brand identity developed by Ink Project.

Revealed: July 18, 2012
Launched: July 23, 2012
The Branding Source

LifeStyle FoodLifeStyle Food
LifeStyle Food
Australian food channel LifeStyle Food launched a new look that was created in-house. It came with a fresh new dish-shaped logo.

The Branding Source

Al AanAl Aan
Al Aan
Al Aan, a Middle Eastern women's channel brodcasting from Dubai was given a fresh new look by UK agency Turquoise.

Turquoise (archive)

Yu (Russia)Yu (Russia)
Yu (Russia)
On July 26, it was announced that Russian music network Muz-TV would stop broadcasting on regular terrestrial frequencies an instead be replaced by a youth channel called Yu (Ю in Russian). BDA Creative created the on-air look for the new network that launched in September.

The Branding Source

Slovakia also got a new channel for male viewers, called Dajto. It is, in essence, a Slovak version of the Czech Fanda channel mentioned above.

The Branding Source

Kuhnya TVKuhnya TV
Kuhnya TV
This Russian food channel launched an improved look on August 1.

The Branding Source

Digi SportDigi Sport
Digi Sport
Digi Sport is a package of premium sports channels in several Central European countries. On August 1, it launched a completely new look, created by UK broadcast design agency Kemistry.

the Branding Source

South African news channel eNews Channel Africa became available in the United Kingdom on August 19 and took the opportunity to shorten its name to eNCA.

Two of the four general entertainment channels operated by RTL in the Netherlands launched new logos on August 27. Where the channels had previously a unified visual identity with logos based on the same template, they now diverged with distinctly different looks. RTL also commissioned different agencies to work on the different channels. Fro the entertainment-focused RTL5, an agency called Grump created a bold red numeral that could be inserted into different situations, while the female-skewing RTL8 got pink look created by Terra Lemon.

The Branding Source

VijfTV, a medium-sized channel belonging to one of the major commercial broadcasters in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, launched a stylish new look on September 3.

The Branding Source

Hungary got a new entertainment channel with a somewhat odd representation of the Roman numeral II in its logo.

The Branding Source

NT1 a national TV channel in France launched a new look on September 3, created by an agency called Naked.

The Branding Source

M-Net MoviesM-Net Movies
M-Net Movies
M-Net Movies, a package of  premium movie channels belonging to South African satellite broadcaster M-Net was relaunched on October 1 with a new logo.

TV with Thinus

A regional channel in Walloon Brabant in Belgium introduced this new logo in the autumn.

Russkiy IllusionRusskiy Illusion
Russkiy Illusion
Russkiy Illusion is dedicated to classic Russian cinema and launched a fresh new look on September 1.

The Branding Source

Futbol (Ukraine)Futbol (Ukraine)
Futbol (Ukraine)
Futbol and its sister channel Futbol+ are two Ukrainian football (soccer) channels. On September 8, they both introduced new look with streamlined logos.

The Branding Source

Spanish national Catholic TV channel 13TV introduced a much needed new look in September. This was created by Gulliver Studio.

The Branding Source

STS is the most-watched TV network in Russian that isn't owned by the state. On September 15, it unburdened itself of the clunky shiny logo and replaced it with a very bright yellow one. BDA Creative in London helped finalise the graphics package, although they may not have been behind the logo.

The Branding Source

A new on demand movie service called Filmnet was launched in the Nordic countries by Sweden's TV4 Group.

TV1000 Premium
TV1000 Premium
A package of three new Russian language premium movie channels called TV1000 Premium, TV1000 Comedy and TV1000 MegaHit were launched in October.

The Branding Source

Sky PerfecTV!Sky PerfecTV!
Sky PerfecTV!
Japan's leading satellite television platform Sky PerfecTV! introduced a refreshed logo in September. It appears the old "tadpole" mascot has been retired and a new typeface with rounded corners has been introduced.

MdN Design
Press release (archive)
Facebook post

D8 and D17
French premium broadcaster Canal+ has long wished to become an serious player in free-to-air television. Preferring not to launch a new national channel from scratch, they bought the struggling national entertainment channel Direct 8 and its sister channel Direct Star. The deal was finalised in September when the new names D8 and D17. The two channels relaunched on October 7. D8's visual identity was created by Neville Brody's Research Studios while LA broadcast branding agency Troika gave life to the new look on screen.

The Branding Source
The Branding Source 2

Czech music channel Óčko launched a smart, stylish and modern new look this autumns. It was created by a local agency called Frame 100R.

The Branding Source

Ushuaïa TVUshuaïa TV
Ushuaïa TV
French documentary channel Ushuaïa TV intriduced an improved logo this autumn.

Macedonia's state broadcaster MRT launched a new corporate identity of September 23 with new looks for all its channels.

The Branding Source

Swiss commercial broadcaster 3+ launched a supplementary channel called 4+ on October 9. Its logo is a simple evolution of 3+'s logo.

Happy Times

Serieclub, a French pay TV channel dedicated to TV series, launched a new look in October, created by French production company Motionfanclub.
Serieclub pdf

Retirement Living TV
Retirement Living TV
RLTV, an American cable channel targeting those over 50 revealed a new logo on October 15 that launched on November 1.

Multichannel News

Pětka is another new national Czech TV channel.

On October 17, it was announced that Univision was about to launch a new corporate identity on January 1. Developed by Wolff Olins, it features an updated version of the classic stylised U icon that the network had used for two decades.

The Branding Source
Brand New
Univision press release (archive)

CBS RealityCBS Reality
CBS Reality, CBS Drama, CBS Action and CBS Europa
In October, it was announced that several European thematic channels would be rebranded to include the CBS brand in their names on December 3. This introduced the names CBS Reality, CBS Drama, CBS Action and CBS Europa many countries on European continent. The three former brands were already available in the UK.

The most watched Spanish language TV channel in the US launched a new logo on November 4, as part of the rebranding efforts of its owner, Univision. PMcD Design are credited for creating this new logo.

The Branding Source

Nova (Spain)Nova (Spain)
Nova (Spain)
Spanish national women's channel Nova launched a new look on November 5. It featured a hot pink logo, designed by Zeligstudio.

The Branding Source

France was about to get six new national TV channels on December 12 after the government had awarded new licenses earlier this year. One of the most anticipated was HD1, backed by the country's largest broadcaster, TF1. After a few months being identified with this red pre-launch logo, the proper launch identity was unveiled in November. Dream On was the agency behind HD1's launch look.

Pure Médias

RMC Découverte
RMC Découverte
Another new French national channel was a factual channel called RMC Découverte, which launched with this rudimentary logo.

Cozi TV
Cozi TV
NBC gave up on its local news channels that had been branded "NBC Nonstop" and launched a new network called Cozi TV on December 20. It mainly features a mix of old TV series, movies and lifestyle programs.

After Britain's largest commercial broadcaster, ITV, had confirmed that their flagship channel would change its name from ITV1 to ITV, they revealed a fresh new colour-changing logo on November 15. The entire rebrand was devised by an in-house team.

The Branding Source

Numéro 23
Numéro 23
Yet another of of the six new channels to receive a broadcast license in France was called "TVous La Télédiversité". They wisely decided to go by a different name for the eventual launch on Decenmber 12. The name "Numéro 23", referencing the channel number, was revealed during the autumn along with a clunky 3D logo.

AB MoteursAB Moteurs
AB Moteurs
AB Moteurs, a French channel dedicated to motor sports, launched this new logo in December.


The most watched TV network in Quebec replaced its two decades old logo on November 29. The new logo, while perhaps not the most original, is a bit more contemporary and somewhat versatile.

The Branding Source

Illusion+, a Russian movie channel owned by the same company that owns Russkiy Illusion mentioned above, followed suit on December 1 and launched a new look with a logo aligned with its sister channel.

Klub 100 (archive)

Danish commercial broadcaster SBS announced on December 3 that it would pull the plug on its struggling music channel The Voice TV and replace it with a new interactive youth channel called 7'eren ("the Seven"). The new channel launched on January 1.

SBS (archive)

Univision also owns the second most watched Hispanic TV network in Spain, Telefutura. On December 3, it was announced that it would be renamed UniMás in January. It relaunched with a new logo designed by Troika Design Group in January.

The Branding Source

TV2 Fri
TV2 Fri
Denmark's largest commercial broadcaster announced a new channel called TV 2 Fri, dedicated to lifetyle programmes. It is due to launch in May 2013.

TV Nova, who were behind a channel called Fanda mentioned above, launched yet another new channel on December 23. This one is called Smíchov and is dedicated to comedy.

The Branding Source

Mediaset España, owner of Spain's most watched commercial TV channel, extended its channel portfolio by launching the female-leaning Nueve on December 31.

Mediaset (archive) (South Africa) (South Africa) (South Africa)
E.TV, on the most-watched independent TV channels in South Africa launched a new look on January 1 with a refreshed 3D logo.


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