Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New logo: Fon

Fon is a Spanish company that operates several wi-fi networks around the world. Yesterday, February 25, at the Mobile World Congress it unveiled a new corporate identity, aimed at reflecting "the company's position as a proven solution for WiFi for individuals, businesses and telcos". The new identity was created by Interbrand and is due to be fully rolled out in March.

The new logo features a quite clever icon that combines a hot air balloon with the radiating arches we associate with wi-fi hotspots.

Previous logo.

"“This project’s greatest challenge was to create a brand that was able to relate both to large telcos and to the end consumer without losing attitude. To answer these demands, we created an iconic brand that epitomizes Fon’s leadership and innovation and will serve as a reference for companies in the telco sector.”

The branding project involved the design of Fon’s visual and verbal identities, the application of the brand in digital environments and the creation of a co-branding strategy. The result is a new brand look, championed by a balloon-shaped WiFi logo that represents Fon’s value proposition of getting WiFi anywhere in the world.

The new look is fun, contemporary and technological, with a verbal style, that is powerful yet simple, just like Fon’s WiFi itself.
" - Press release

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