Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New logo: RBC

RBC (РБК in Russian) is a Russian media group that owns a news agency, a business newspaper and a television channel. Yesterday, February 4, it launched a rebranding effort with a new logo. This is all aimed at "bolstering RBC’s reputation as the number one business information media".

The previous logo consisted of three bars, that were apparently seen as unstable. They are being replaced by two triangles, to symbolise stability.

"The upcoming transformations are aimed at bolstering RBC’s reputation as the number one business information media on the back of a rapidly changing media environment. Building on the surging interest in news and analytical content, as well as the need to satisfy audience aspirations for media content and formats, RBC does not intend to rest on its laurels. By launching this all-around rebranding effort the company strives to make its media resources more vibrant and better-tailored to their target audience, and also to serve the Russian business community better by focusing on efficient and enabling information. RBC’s new strategy is now not just about diffusing information on changes, inspiring development and innovation, but also about streamlining its own operations." - Press release

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A rebrand video can be seen here.

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