Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New logo: Teletoon Retro

Teletoon Retro is a Canadian cable television channel that broadcasts older animated series. Launched in 2007 as a spin-off from Teletoon, it is a effectively a Canadian equivalent of the American network Boomerang. Yesterday, February 4, it launched a fresh new look and changed its logo for the first time since its launch. Everything was created by Teletoon's in-house creative teams.

The new look is said to target both parents and kids, while also being inclusive for everyone.

"The refresh targets parents and kids while being inclusive of cartoon enthusiasts of any age. TELETOON Retro’s new positioning reinforces the following: 1) TELETOON Retro is a place where families can spend quality time together; 2) TELETOON Retro’s shows are familiar to parents, offering a safe viewing environment for their kids; and 3) TELETOON Retro offers a unique family entertainment experience where parents can share a laugh with their old childhood pals and introduce their kids to new cartoon friends.

Centred around the tagline “Forever Fun,” a new logo, redesigned website and revamped on-air look are all part of the refreshed branding, which was designed and produced entirely in-house by the TELETOON Studios Creative group as well as the TELETOON Interactive and Marketing teams.

The refreshed logo features a gender-neutral green and blue colour palette and maintains the network’s powerful connection to the TELETOON master brand by using the TELETOON logo as its anchor and tying in “Retro” as a signature across its front.

The new on-air feel draws on the emotional connections and fond memories viewers associate with classic cartoons. Memorable sound effects like The Smurfs theme song act as the backdrop to station IDs, which evoke the magic of Saturday-morning cartoon-watching. In one notable spot, a cat gets its fill from a bowl of cereal because a young girl is too busy cuddling up in front of an episode of The Flintstones to notice. Live-action promos feature real moms and dads talking about what TELETOON Retro means to them and their kids.
" - Press release

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