Friday, February 15, 2013

New look: Zapp and Zappelin

It's Friday, so here's a project that I've had among my drafts for a few months. Zapp and Zappelin are the two children's brands for the Dutch public broadcasters. Zapp targets kids over six, whilw Zappelin is for those under six, and they both operate as cross platform brands with their own dedicated TV channel, slots on other channels and websites. Last autumn, on September 3, they both introduced completely new looks, created by Amsterdam agency Terralemon.

The agency was assigned to bring the two brands together, which they did through colour, shapes and music, while also giving them a tone of voice appropriate to each age group. Before this, the two brans had gone in somewhat different directions.

Zappelin lost its very literal zeppelin logo in favour of a green butterfly. In idents, the logo flies through a safe and friendly world where characters from the shows associated with brand pop up. The new Zapp logo is more aligned with the diamond shape used by the public TV channels in the Netherlands. This logo also flies through a clean world, but the animation and music is more energetic.

Old logos.

"On Zapp after four years of faithful service the Z@PPers have given way to presenters –amongst others The Klokhuis and actors of the series SpangaS– as recognizable faces of the channel.

The logo is like a living shield, it shakes and twirls when all of a sudden a green icy diamant stream breaks loose. Where this energetic flow hits the ground fotographed and cut out presenters pop up. With the restyling we also say goodbye to the @, the new spelling is now Zapp and Zappelin.

Zapp is authentic, groundbreaking, humor, wanting to belong and topical. Audience is 6-12 year olds and prying parents.
" - Terralemon

"On Zappelin we say goodbye to the zeppelin. Instead, the Zappelin-butterfly is introduced. Nienke, which is part of the channel since 2009 remains besides the butterfly as brand character. The new design creates space for including the various characters of Sesame Street and Koekeloere.

The butterfly in the logo is the driver where effer the butterfly appears things start to happen, boats start sailing, balls start rolling. The butterfly makes her way through the hand craft world and leaves a ribbon behind from where program presenters and characters pop up.
" - Terralemon

Terralemon - Zapp (archive)
Terralemon - Zappelin (archive)

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  1. I know this is unrelated news but RTP 2 will get a new look (but no sign of a new logo) in March.
    I hate the previous logos, but i just wanted to tidy up the font a little. I'm talking about the new logos.