Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New logo: BrightFocus Foundation

The American Health Assistance Foundation is an American non-profit group that funds research to prevent Alzheimer's disease. In late January, it changed its name to BrightFocus Foundation and introduced a new corporate identity.  This was all developed by Siegel+Gale.

A new brand platform puts more emphasis on diseases that cause irreversible harm to the brain and eyes, chaning the previous focus on seamingly less urgent age-related diseases. The name was selected as it "speaks to clarity of purpose, the health of sight and mind, a commitment to innovative medical research and optimism for the future". The logo with its interlocking chevrons "reinforces the focus on change, progress and pushing the boundaries of discovery".

Previous logo.
"With this more inclusive and resolved stance in mind, we tackled naming and brand architecture. Collaborating with the CEO, her task force and the board of directors, we explored and validated a wide range of candidates, arriving at a fresh and evocative new brand name: BrightFocus Foundation. “BrightFocus” speaks to clarity of purpose, the fight to save clarity of mind and sight, a commitment to funding emerging research and an optimism for the future. To strengthen the new name and purpose, we added the tagline, “Cure in Mind. Cure in Sight.” We built brand architecture around the roles of the new name and the three-disease focus and, with it, a new Brand Voice™ that’s inspiring, innovative, tenacious and focused.

Next, we developed a new visual identity to support the new brand platform. The logo, based on three interlocking deltas, evokes change, progress and pushing the boundaries of discovery to find cures for diseases of sight and mind. The visual identity, in combination with a new Brand Voice and architecture, created a cohesive story that truly reflected the goals of the renamed, refocused foundation.
Lighting the path to success

BrightFocus Foundation launched its new brand strategy, name, architecture and visual identity in February 2013, stirring internal enthusiasm. These changes have kicked off a new public education campaign to increase awareness, encourage honest communication, and dismantle the stigmas associated with these devastating diseases. The future is looking a little brighter for those touched by degenerative disease now that the BrightFocus Foundation is equipped to reach a wider audience and share the compelling story of its work.
" - Siegel+Gale case study

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