Thursday, March 14, 2013

New logo: Cabot Corporation

Cabot Corporation is a Boston-based corporation that makes different kinds of specialised materials, described by the company as "specialty chemicals and performance materials". Founded in 1882, it now has activities on several locations around Europe, Aisa and the Americas. Last week, on March 7, it unveiled a new corporate identity that aims to emphasize its strengths, reflect its values and give visibility to its products.

It introduces a new chevron symbol that is divided into different color fields, communicating an "approachable, collaborative spirit, and energetic approach to innovation and customer service".

Previous logo.

"Cabot’s new corporate logo, developed to support the new brand, connects the company’s past with its future. To honor Cabot’s heritage, the new logo maintains the all-black, all-capital letters of “CABOT.” The new chevron, meanwhile, represents the brand theme of advancing. The red, orange and yellow color palette emphasizes Cabot’s approachable, collaborative spirit, and energetic approach to innovation and customer service. The added dimension and colors highlight the many facets of Cabot’s businesses." - Press release

The brand video below provides further insights into the company's activities and its new corporate identity:

Press release


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  2. Definitely the company logo design will make a difference. Your logo will serve as your identity. Nice changes on your logo design.