Friday, March 1, 2013

New logo: Integra

Integra Telecom is an American company that provides telecom services to enterprises, describing itself as "facilities-based providers of communication and networking services". This week, on February 27, it announced that it would shorten its name to Integra and introduce a new visual identity.

Removing "Telecom" from the company name is about widening the perceived scope of its solutions. The new symbol is a take on the concept of infinity.

Previous logo.
"The evolved brand emerges from an in-depth process of research and discovery, strategic planning and creative execution. The new Integra logo incorporates intertwined loops with infinite connections, symbolizing Integra’s principal goal to deliver customer value with every connection and a never-ending commitment to driving continuous improvement. The colors and typeface represent the core values of service, accountability, agility and integrity for which Integra stands." - Press release

Press release (archive)
Brand page (archive)

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