Friday, March 22, 2013

New logo: InterRent

Europcar is an international car rental company based in based in France with activities in much of the rest of the world except North America. This week, on March 19, it launched a new low-cost car rental service that will operate under a new separate brand, InterRent. Initially, the service will be available in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK. The brand identity was developed by Brandimage.

The brand identity puts emphasis on simplicity, as expressed in the brand claim "drive, save, enjoy". The simplicity and cheerfulness in the symbol above also runs through the rest rest of the graphic expression, including a bunch of pictorgrams.

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"InterRent advocates simplicity with a strong graphic territory, a pure and cheerful color, and a singular brand system. A brand that is immediately understood by everybody, and which spontaneously arouses empathic response and confidence. Beyond a simple sign, Brandimage created a universal visual language through a graphic universe composed of a dozen pictograms, which embody the services and posture of attention of the brand." - Press release

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"In order to compete with low cost companies and fight against received ideas, to adapt to change, to present an image of accessibility without affecting the quality of the service, to put the customer at the center, to adapt to the needs and to bring more warmth, proximity and interaction, Brandimage has developed a brand system which embodies transparency and true speaking through an uninhibited offer, simple, smart and cheap. A credible and attractive offer.

“InterRent, expressed by a straightforward claim “drive, save, enjoy”, targets a new category of leisure customers thanks to a low cost approach and a client experience based on innovation, time to market and profitability. We plan to double the number of stations and to deploy InterRent outside Europe by 2014” explained Jehan de Thé, Group InterRent Director.

Mostly based near airport and railway stations, the initial network of 44 InterRent stations is planned to double and deploy beyond Europe by 2014.

The new identity is built on a system of pictograms linked to the services and offer, with smart choice service, fast pick up, easy return, which show the efficiency and ease of the InterRent offer.

The brand symbol features a single car, all in roundness, applied on a button to appear very accessible. The brand universe is enriched with a smiley, setting the tone of the relationship between the brand and its customers.

The typography has been specially created, it reflects the brand personality: simplicity, confidence, accessibility and roundness.

The brand signature “drive, save, enjoy” promises as much pleasure to drive as the satisfaction of having made a smart purchase. The InterRent offer proposes an attractive price not forgetting the service and fits to the idea of smart shopping.
" - Press release

Press release (archive)

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