Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New logo: Ion Television

Ion Television is an American broadcast TV network, available for free around much of the country much like the major networks. Its schedule is primarily built on reruns of shows from other networks. Yesterday it launched an new graphics package with a refreshed logo.

The new look is built on Ion's established "Positively entertaining" slogan. The graphics package is relatively simple and built around blue and orange blocks. It launched with a campaign dubbed "Ionthusiasts" that targets advertisers.

Previous logo.

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  1. Love the new logo. It reminds me of some - hitherto undiscovered - Eastern European private channel.

  2. The spanish male-target tv channel "Energy", owned by Mediaset España, had changed it's on-air look yesterday.


  3. İnternette takılmak varken siz hâlâ sınalgı mı izliyorsunuz?