Friday, March 22, 2013

New logo: NC+

NC+ is a new Polish satellite television distributor launched yesterday, March 21. It was formed from the merger of the country's second and third largest satellite distributors, Cyfra+, owned by France's Canal+, and N, owned by nationwide broadcaster NTV.

The logo combines elements from its predecessors, with the letter N and a blue colour taken from N and the rest inspired by Cyfra+' old logo. The service is launched with the ambiguous tagline "a new definition of entertainment".

A slightly discoloured version of this logo, most likely pulled from the trademark registry, has been floating around the Internet since December. Promotion of the new brand started this month.

Cyfra +

N logo.

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1 comment:

  1. LOVE the new identity, shame that they didn't keep Cartoon Network which was on Cyfra+.
    The only satellite provider that carries it in Poland nowadays is Cyfrowy Polsat.
    Anyway, changing sight but still in the same country, Polsat continues buying channels... the next victims are Food Network (with a grey tag), Viasat Nature (green tag), Explorer (red one) and History (blue one). Polsat keeps buying the local rights to foreign networks... who will be the next victim?