Friday, March 8, 2013

New logo: SABC2

SABC2 is one of three TV channel broadcast nationally by the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the state broadcaster in South Africa. A family-oriented mix of entertainment and current affairs makes it the leading television network in the country. Last week, on March 1, it launched a new look with a refreshed logo and new slogan. It was developed with South African ad agency Masters & Savant Worldwide.

Rather than having specified identity colours, SABC2 is now using four bright primary colours - red, green, blue and yellow - as a way to express the diversity of the programming and the nation. It also gets a new tagline, "You belong", instead of "Feel at home".

The image above comes from the blog TV with Thinus, where's you'll find more information on the rebrand.

Previous logo.

"“The new identity is very clean, simple, modern and stands out amongst all the channel clutter. It’s bold and fresh – everything the channel is,” says Zandile Nkonyeni, Publicity Manager for SABC 2.

Developed just over a year ago by the channel and branding agency Masters & Savant Worldwide agency, the team was keen to ensure that they showcased best new practice in broadcast design and at the same time being mindful of its positioning as a public broadcaster.
" - An article on the SABC2 website

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An interview on SABC2's morning show about the new look:

SABC2 (archive)

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