Monday, March 18, 2013

New logo: SCA

SCA is a global pulp and paper company specialised in consumer hygiene tissue and other kinds of forestry products. Founded in Sweden in 1929 as Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget it now has activities around the world and is behind dozens of brands such as Tena, Libero, Cushelle, Libresse/Bodyform, Zewa and Plenty. Last week, on March 15, it presented its annual report and also unveiled a new corporate identity, created by Design Bridge.

SCA's icon is based on an old pagan symbol known as a valknut. The updated version has been given "stronger, more distinct colors and softer lines". It also includes the tagline "care of life".

Previous logo.

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  1. I don`t think SCA did himself a favour with the new logo.
    If you have money to spend on something you don`t really need, rather than investing into important issues, than do it.

    At first i thought the logo stands for wool or some washing detergents.
    I don`t like it.
    The old logo stands for a clear, professional corporate, with a classy, straight and smooth logo. What i expect from hygiene products.
    The new logo looks like to me as a playfull, very retro, alternative Company with the colorfull, rounded corners and bringing green (eco) and blue (fresh) into the design.
    Maybe the new logo is interesting to associate it with green technology (hope no green washing here), but than i also think of an eco-radiation symbol by looking at it.

    I hope the printing costs will not rise by using a more color design.
    But maybe its not a special color used here, so only company prints and packaging like tempo (red & blue) will rise the printing costs by adding yellow.

    And sofar i know, its not a pagan symbol, maybe design bridge used it to lure SCA into using their design.
    Its an old germanic symbol standing for life and unlife, more like jesus being reborn than pagan bringing death.
    As i got from quick internet research, its more fighting brave, dying, wandering to Valhalla to waiting secure to fight the evil.

    Besides using a nordic symbol, what i think is nice for a swedish/scandinavian company,
    i thought it stands more for scandinavian hills or trees, the ressources for paper.

    Thats my quick thoughts on this matter

  2. Actually no, its not a germanic symbol, its the symbol vikings used for their main god odin, and when the vikings invaded the germanic tribes they took over that symbol.. Basically their logo stands for war and knowledge

  3. Which is not so good..